Maps Of South India

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Maps Of South India

Every Indian needs to visit the majestic beauty of South India at least once in a lifetime. The tea plantations of Munnar, the hilly delights of Ooty, the woods of Kodaikanal and many many more attractive places

South Indian states attract some of the highest number of tourists from other parts of India and abroad.

Places like Tamilnadu , Kerala, Karnataka, Goa nd Andhra Pradesh are the attractive places in south India.

Maps of south India Places at a glance

  • Tamilnadu :The southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu stores quite a few surprises for tourists in the form of historical cities, picturesque hill stations and coastal towns. The cities of Tanjore and Tiruchirapalli preserve rich legacies of Cholas, Nayakas, Pallavas and Vijayanagar rulers. Tamil Nadu’s hill stations of Kodaikanal, Ooty and Coonoor are some of the most popular in the country. Places like
  1. Kodaikonal
  2. Ooty
  3. Tanjore
  4. Coornoor
  5. Rock Fort Temple and more are the attracting places.



Kerala packed with 26 million people in 38,900 sq km in a narrow strip of land between the Western Ghats and the beaches of the Arabian Sea, clings like a banana leaf to the southwestern coast of the Indian peninsula. The strip of land found a natural defense in the hills that sealed off one longitudinal section, leaving it open to access from the sea alone. Sea trade started with the Phoenicians, and in 1000 BC Kerala was visited by King Solomon’s ship that travelled to ‘Ophir’, in all probability the modern Puvar, south of Trivandrum. Then followed the traders from Greece, Rome, Arabia, China, Portuguese who gained right in 1516; the Dutch merchants a stronghold in 1602, and by 1663 the Portuguese were forced out of the area. By 1795, however, the Dutch too had to move out, for the British traders had become the strongest power in India by that time. Much earlier, the Jews came to Kerala when they fled the rule of Nebuchadnezzar in 587 BC; St. Thomas the Apostle came here in the first century AD; the Syrian Chrisitians were in existence here in the 2nd century AD. When the Portuguese came to Kerala, they found a thriving Christian community here, but one that had never heard of Pope.

Green and serene, a paradise, God’s own country, an ethereal vision or a poet’s inspiration, a treasure of infinite beauty – all is said about Kerala. Lush plantations rise from the sea and sweep the entire state in verdant glory. Splendid festivals with mysterious rituals, full of colour, herds of elephants, leading processions, or in the wild, exotic handicrafts, seafood preparation that makes Kerala one of the most exciting destinations of India. Snake-boat races on the backwaters of Kerala, Elephant March with hundreds of caparisoned elephants lined up, the martial art, Kathakali – the spectacular dance drama; Kerala Houseboats Kettuvallam on back waters and Ayurvedic Herbal Massage and Treatment that makes this part of India a unique destination. Places Like

    1.  Cochin
    2. Trivandrum
    3. Kollam
    4. Alleppey
    5. Munnar and more are the places of attractions. 


Karnataka is widely visited by tourists for its myriad of attractions. Of the monuments, Mysore Palace and Somnathpur Temple are very popular among tourists. The palace at Mysore is one of the biggest in India. The temple at Somnathpur is regarded as one of the best rock cut temples of ancient India and a masterpiece of Hoysala architecture. Of the wildlife sanctuaries, Bandipur National Park attracts the largest number of wildlife enthusiasts.

Places like –

  1. Mysore palace
  2. somnathpur temple
  3. Bandipur National park and many more are the attractive tourist destinations


Andhra Pradesh :

    Banking on the growth of tourism in the state, the hotel industry in Andhra Pradesh is also growing steadily. The hotel infrastructure is better developed in the tourist destinations of the state. The capital city of Hyderabad has hotels for all categories of people. The accommodation rates fit into the purse of all class groups.


Place like Hyderabad is very very attracting place for visitors.

Goa : 

    Travel to Goa, the emerald land lying on the western coast of India, sandwiched between the two states – Maharashtra & Karnataka. The beautiful state of India is bedecked by beautiful beaches, which are ideal for those who are in search of sun, sand and sea. Formerly a Portuguese colony, Goa has numerous Portuguese style structures, which are worth visiting. One can also indulge in water sport activities, as the Goan beaches offer immense opportunity for the adventure and water sport lovers. Goa is the smallest of all Indian states and covers an area of 3702 sq. km. Located in India’s south-west, this small state is sandwiched in between the bigger states of Maharashtra and Karnataka. Panaji(Panjim) is the capital of the state.

Tourist Attractions

Goa has a myriad of tourist attractions. There are numerous forts and churches of the Portuguese time, which are worth visiting. But the major attraction of the state lies in its colourful beaches for their most spectacular surroundings. Along the western coastline of Goa are some of the country’s finest beaches. The picturesque beaches include Baga, Varca, Candolim, Majorda, Colva, Calangute and Anjuna beaches.

The beaches of Goa are also the best place in India to indulge in water sport. Water sports activities like parasailing, speed boat, water skiing and wind surfing have developed in a big way in Goan beaches. Sports like beach volleyball and football are also gaining popularity. While some of the beaches like Calangute and Candolim remain abuzz with activity, others like Majorda and Baga offer a serene ambience.


Goa may be described as a canvas of many colours. Tourists who have visited the state greatly admire the fun loving attitude and hospitality of Goans. The easy going and partying attitude of Goans is actually a legacy of the Portuguese being carried forward.